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Bird Cage Reproduction for Antique Interiors

Castilian Trading began as a brassware gift and home accessory importer based in Jackson, Mississippi in 1977. After 12 years as a successful business in brassware items, Castilian Trading was bought by Simon and Lily and relocated to Houston, TX.
Simon had a vision for the direction that his company should take. He set about expanding the designs and materials used in the home decor accents that became the new focus of Castilian Trading. Simon headed up the design team and began introducing porcelain, crystal, glass, wood and silver along with the brassware. The results were beautiful handcrafted pieces that were both innovative and traditional. The new era of higher end home decor accents had begun for Castilian Trading and customers embraced the new Castilian Trading resulting in an 800 times growth in sales between 1992 and 1999.
Castilian Trading has maintained a strong presence in high end home decor accents and has introduced a new lighting line under the name of Creekmoore and a furniture line under the name of Elizabeth Hower. Both new lines continue along the Castilian Trading design motto of innovation and tradition working together.
Castilian Trading continues to fine tune and enhance all of its operations to bring the best in quality designs, accurate and fast shipping, superior customer service and the attention to detail that have become the hallmarks of Castilian Trading.
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