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So if you are reading this blog, it is safe to probably say…you love home! Most people surfing for furniture have a love for their environment and hope to make it extra special for themselves and their loved ones. Yes, it is our safe haven, the place where we share memories, celebrate birthdays, tell jokes and share our day at the dinner table. Home can be one of the most meaningful places in our our lives.

But, what if you didn’t have that rock? that wonderful place to go to after a stressful day? or what if your home was a place of abuse, fear or anxiety? Unfortunately, these problems are a growing issue in our society and are especially accented in turbulent economic times. So what to do? Turn your eye the other way? Let the system take care of them? Or perhaps the system did and it didn’t turn out successful,  leading to worse places and hope gets lost.

One set of hands can make a little change. But, when we have more hands, we begin to see bigger change… and when we teach  our younger hands how to make this change, this is where we  see even more of the magic happen!


We appreciate you following us and love that you love furniture! But, are you ready for more now?  And are you aware of how to make changes with your own two hands?  We will try our best to show & share ours with you.  Our community  is growing with like minded people who understand the pressures of the world and yet when we bring our minds and spirits together to help improve community by painting a grass roots employment office, planting and growing a community food garden, working at the local soup kitchen or raising money by creating a pancake breakfasts for charity at Glencoe Union Church, some  of our own worries and anxieties seem to fall away.  Call it therapy if you’d like.  (and it’s cheap…it only costs you a little of your time)  Meet the givers and sharers, get elbow to elbow in the soup kitchen, care for community food gardens or flip pancakes for fund raising. It is all good.

If your in it for authentic change  it can be frustrating to just sit back, we rather actively take action and help with our own two hands.  We bring and offer our talents, ideas and love together for sharing and hope you will too. Even if the change is small, our goal is to improve a life and give a helping hand where we can.  We hope to ripple our effects out to the world so you see how positive the power of love can be! Remember, obstacles are the gift!  

Efforts are being made by companies such as The Organic Gardner, who assists as a guide to La Casa Norte Garden for teaching and planting wonderful herbs & veggies.  Other local community efforts such as Glencoe Community Garden are exciting local organizations that  now further sharing their successful vegetable harvests with Just Harvest and La Casa Norte. Even small business massage therapy, Thousand Waves Spa is sharing their love!

With excitement, Glencoe Community Garden is furthering their efforts to spread their seeds of goodness by reaching out to other communities to share their sources for duplicating this organic volunteer concept.  Eager to share, the Glencoe Community Garden  is excited to show how it may be duplicated in your community! Be sure to visit the Glencoe Community Garden website and learn how your neighborhood can plant the seeds of goodness too!

As we keep moving forward with our online community, together we share ideas how we may actively aim for a better tomorrow! We continue to support local businesses for  economic strength, share ideas with local places of worship with like minded individuals, support our assistance of creating awareness for shelters so we may be part of the solution.

Check out some the wonderful legal initiative taking place with leaders such as Marc J. Lane, who continues to support & grow efforts for  “Social Enterprise”. Marc is an innovator in helping social enterprises and social entrepreneurs leverage capital to maximize financial results while driving positive social change, and teaches Social Enterprise at Northwestern University School of Law. Marc is the pioneer behind the Advocacy Investing® approach to socially responsible and mission-related investing (

What if there was an event which would cover subjects that school doesn’t? Now there is. SUREFIRE is a conference event for high school girls which takes on topics like: how to get an internship, navigate tricky relationships, figure out your dreams, handle money, start a business or save the world. Wishing our friend, Heather Mason,  in Los Angeles much success as she guides and gives her helping hand in shaping the next generation of girls to become strong women.

Each of us can provide valuable tools and bring our talents together as we further assist to provide a safe & peaceful domain for ourselves and others.  Our hope is that we can relax minds, share our passions and show the talents and unique contributions of many. Lets welcome the good all of our worlds have to offer!

It is exciting to Support Community You Love! We can now begin to  see the fruits of our labor with those who have planted loving seeds, shared their warm energy and given a helping hand! That is the attitude we look to continue to ripple out to the world ! Keep sharing the love, growing the good and stay tuned to the positive impact as we collectively make “together” for authentic change! Wishing you much love!

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